Celebrating our shared history with our Native American brothers and sisters, making our hearts good toward each other with dignity, honor, and respect.

Our prayer in Native American fashion, “Creator above, make our hearts good toward each other. Let us treat each other with dignity. Let us honor each other in good ways. And teach us to respect each other for we are all His children, and we all share in this same journey, and only with our combined stories there is truth.”


The Watauga Vision is made up of many volunteers including historians, writers, educators, interpreters of history, craft and tech savvy persons, and very encouraging friends. We have also connected with several chartered and nationally recognized historical groups and societies.

Join with us!

Let us all agree to this: If the Creator of all people has made us in the Creator’s “image and likeness,” then all people of all colors have God-given dignity, and we all must pray for the courage to become peacemakers. When we all do this, we are truly blessed.

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The Watauga Vision, Inc.